Electrosurgical Unit

Electrosurgical Unit

Electrosurgical Unit

Electro Surgical Unit :  (VOTEM - Korea)


ZERO - 50 Watt

ZEUS - 80 Watt

ZEUS - 100 Watt

ZEUS - 150 Watt

ZEUS - 200 Watt

ZEUS - 400 Watt


  • Color Graphic User Interface
  • · Wide TFT LCD miunt, clean and sharper image quality, unlike the
  •  existing electricity and the innovative new UI configuration operation.


  • Best Safaty with Feedback Sytem
  • · REM(Return Electrode Monitoring) monitors the size of contact area
  •  between a patient and the pad, If the size is inappropriate, it automatically
     blocks the high-frequency current to minimize the danger of burning


  • Various Function Compact Design
  • · Cut(Pure, Blend1, Blend2,).Coag.(Contact, Spray),
      Bipolar coag.;Fully enough for most of their operations.






Download Cataloue: http://tmt.com.sa/Uploads/UploadCenter/385922_(Catlaogue-ESU)Zeus Series.pdf