Patient Monitor : BM1 (Bionet - Korea)


Superior Advantages

•   SpO₂, NIBP, Temperature, EtCO₂

•   4.3” color TFT LCD for a clear view

•   Spot Check Mode - 400cases of spot check data

•   Monitoring mode : 128 hours data

•   Connection to external VGA output for large screen (Optional)

•   Easy mounting to an IV pole & shoulder strap for easy movement

•   Easy operation with touch wheel

•   Connected to central monitoring system using LAN or W-LAN (Optional)


Enhanced & extendible multi-parameter monitor

- Mainstream/Sidestream EtCO₂

- Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer (Optional)

- Any commercial barcode scanner with USB interface is available (Optional)

- USB memory storage (2G/4G/8G)


High-performance Measurement

- Very low-perfusion and motion artifact technology SpO₂


Enhanced Data Management

- 128 full hours trend data are stored , USB memory

- Connected to central monitoring system using LAN or W-LAN (Optional)

- Easy compatible with EMR with HL7 protocol


* Li-ion rechargeable battery allows cordless use for up to 4.5 hours



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