Portable Light Source

Portable Light Source


First true portable light source for rigid and flexible endoscopy of the market.

  1. High power illumination that allows you to illuminate video cameras, including full HD Cameras.
  2. Direct connection to Storz type Endoscopes.
  3. Direct connection to Wolf type endoscopes (optional).
  4. Adapter for Storz type fiber optic cable.
  5. Adapter for Olympus fiber optic cables (for flexible Olympus endoscopes which already include the fiber optic cable attached).
  6. In case of connecting a fiber optic cable to the Portaled, it includes a clip to adjust the light source to the users belt.
  7. All connectors are interchangeable, made in stainless steel for extra-long duration.
  8. The battery charger it’s a wireless multipurpose pad which allows to charge other battery devices like a cell phone

Portable Light Source

About Product

  • Available connectors for: - Rigid Scopes Storz and Wolf type. - Fiberoptic cables Storz and Olympus type
  • Battery always fully charged by Ecleris pad charger
  • White powerful LED light 100% true colors (CRI: 0,9 +/-3%)
Always supplied with the product

Included accessories

Optional supplied with the product

Optional Accessories

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