Operating Table

Operating Table

Stainless steel structure with slow rebound latex foam mattress
Five section body layout for multiple surgical position request
Reliable 6-movements electrical controlling system with smooth
movement and silent lifting
Table top sliding for X-Ray and C-Arm
Individual kidney bridge elevation system
Built-in back up battery

Length: 2030mm
Width: 600mm
Height adjustment: 700-1000mm
Reversed Trendelenburg: 25°
Trendelenburg: 25°
Tilt left/right: +25/25°
Horizontal sliding: 350mm
Net weight overall: 320Kg
Loading capacity: 300kg
Max loading under sliding process: 200kg
Leg plate electrical adjustment: +15/-90°
Head plate adjustment: +40/-90°
Back plate up/down: 70°/25°
Split leg plate: 200°
Kidney bridge elevation: 120mm
Dimensions: head plate: 300mm, back plate: 380mm seat plate: 540mm, leg plate: 580mm, base size: 103x65x20cm Medical wheel diameter: 125mm
Backup battery: included for 180 movements
Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Length: 1970mm
Width: 500mm
Height adjustment: 690-1100mm
Reversed Trendelenburg: 30° Trendelenburg: +30°
Tilt left/right: +20/-20°
Horizontal sliding: 350mm
Net weight overall: 250Kg
Loading capacity: 250 kg
Leg plate up/down: +15°/-90°
Head rest up/down: +60°/-90°
Back plate up/down: +90°/-45°
Split leg plate: 90° (each)
Kidney bridge elevation: 120mm
Backup battery: for 80 movements (optional) Power supply: 100-240V / 50-60Hz

Operating Table

About Product

Electrical surgical table

  • PG OTI-ONE PLUS Polyurethane mattress with sand spray surface, pedal wheel locker, double remote controller, one button reset, head plate angle adjustment, leg plate electrical control, 4 medical wheels (2 with brakes)
  • PG OTI-ONE Designed specially to meet the different demands of general surgical operations, latex foam mattress, concealed rubber lift locker, single remote controller.

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