Manual Defibrillator

Manual Defibrillator


Designed to be the ideal device to deal with cardiovascular emergencies and to monitor the patient in hospital and non-hospital environments. Thanks to its compact and shockproof design, RESCUE LIFE is the best ally for hard times. When time becomes an enemy, thanks to its intuitive navigation interface RESCUE LIFE lets the user initiate its functions in a fast and easy way. Developed with the purpose to satisfy the most elevated demands, RESCUE LIFE guarantees a complete monitoring of the patient in a critical situation: blood pressure, saturation and 12-leads ECG allow the user to have a clear picture of the clinical situation. With its state-of-the-art biphasic technology, RESCUE LIFE guarantees the maximum effectiveness in the shortest time. RESCUE LIFE means versatility.





Dimension •                                           369 x 240 x 340 mm

Weight •                                                5,5 Kg with battery

Electrical •                                             AC 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz- inverter 12V car adapter (optional) Rechargeable 15.0 V – 3.2 Ah Lithium-ion battery

Battery Operation Time •                      >5 hours

Battery Charge Time •                            Max. 3 hours

Capacity •                                              150 shocks at 230J with battery fully charged

Software •                                             Voice and texts multi language

Memory •                                               Internal flash 4 Gb up to 300 hrs of ECG data, events and usage review

Review and printing database •            Review and printing of archived events


                                                        Operational -5° ~ 46° C

                                                         Storage -20° ~ 50° C

                                                         Relative humidity 10 ~ 95%

Isolation •                                        ECG type CF, Defibrillation type BF

Water proof •                                   Class IPX4


                                                         Biphasic Truncated Exponential (BTE)

                                                         HiCAP technology (Large storage capacitor)

Impedance •                                     Compensated, range 25 - 200 Ohm

Charge time •                                    6 sec for 230 J with battery fully charged

Energy •                                            Fixed energy at 200 J

Protocol •                                          ERC 2015 CPR Guidelines with voice and text prompts

Shockable rhythms •                         VF with amplitude > 0.15 mV and VT with rhythm >150 bpm


                                                         Shockable rhythm-VF > 95%

                                                         Shockable rhythm-VT > 75%


                                                         According to ERC 2010

                                                         Normal sinusoidal rhythm > 99%

                                                         Asystole and other non-shockable rhythms > 95%

Energy range •                                 1 - 230 J (from 1-10 J in 1 J steps; from 10 to 230 J in 10 J steps)

Commands •                                     Multifunction trim knob. Charge and shock button directly in the front panel for hands free defibrillation


                                                          Reusable adult & pediatric defi paddles with charge/shock command

                                                           Disposable defi pads and internal defi paddles (optional)

Operating mode •                               ECG « R » wave synchro or async mode


                                                           Battery and main led indicators

                                                           Clear and visible backlight color buttons

Manual Defibrillator

About Product

Biphasic Manual Defibrillator

Resculife 7

  • NIBP The NIBP option is focused on advantage A+ module of SunTech Medical that provides the highest NIBP performance during movements. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal.
  • SpO2 and pacemaker Range includes models with pacemaker and SpO2 . ECG module for monitoring (not for diagnosis) includes up to 12 derivations standard 5 leads patient cable (for I, II, III, aVL, aVR, aVF) or optional 10 leads patient cable (for 12 derivations)
  • Data management The memory is based on a fl ash disk of 4 GB for 300 recorded hours for all AED models
  • High contrast TFT LCD colour display 5.7" or 7" (Rescue Life 7) Bright, high contrast, wide-angle colour display for simultaneous view of up to 3 ECG channels
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