• Chest-eR is the first Italian device that assists in cardiac massage practice. Designed to reduce the incidence of internal injuries, it is a protective device for chest compressions conceived to improve the quality of cardiac massage in full safety. The perfect aid for cardiac massage.
  • An intuitive and easy to use device , small in size,  compact and light , usable with the simple 1.5V batteries included in the package.

A professional solution whose patent combines:

  •  Non-Newtonian materials  capable of dissipating the impact energy related to too violent chest compressions.
  •  A special  triple-layer internal structure that  reduces the dangerous stresses  produced by incorrect application of force and redistributes excessive forces over the  entire area of ​​the device.

1.Place Chest-eR on the patient's chest, as shown in the figure, press on the pad and the device will turn on automatically.

2.A light indicator will indicate the correct pressure and the correct frequency exerted by the heart massage through a green light, while a red light indicates any incorrectness of the same.

3.If the rescuer continues to apply force even in the release phase of the massage, preventing the chest from returning to its original position, both red lights (both at the top and at the bottom of the scale on the device) are turned on to signal the problem, inviting the rescuer to release.

4.Once the cardiac massage is finished, the device switches off automatically after 30 seconds without use.

Correct frequency and pressure of heart massage thanks to the scale with light indicator.

  • The guidelines of the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and the American Hearth Association (AHA) recommend a compression depth of 50-60mm (to stimulate the pumping of blood to the brain), while heart massage should be administered with a frequency between 100 and 120 times per minute.

 Reduction of internal injuries and trauma of the patient.

  • In order to reduce the likelihood of internal injuries and trauma of the patient to be resuscitated, Chest-eR employs the technology of cellular elastomeric materials with non-Newtonian characteristics. The soft surface of the device, when subjected to the application of an impulsive force, is transformed by the reorganization of the molecules of which it is made, immediately stiffening and creating  a shield capable of dissipating the force of the impact, absorbing up to 90% of the impact. energy, ensuring the maximum effectiveness of the heart massage.

Force distribution evenly:

  • The rigid central layer of the device allows  the forces to be distributed more evenly in the lower sternum area , and through the combined action of the coating, capable of adapting to the shape of the chest,  avoids excessive stress concentrated on any protruding bones. The special triple-layer structure also reduces, by deforming the device, the transmission of unwanted forces to the chest parallel to the chest, and protects the rescuer's hands from injury.

About Product


  • Unique innovation to protect clients and rescuers
  • Essential help for a correct resuscitation and in complete safety.
  • International patent .
  • The first Italian device that assists in the practice of heart massage.

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