Simplifying workflow with “AUTO” operation
  • One button “AUTO” operation from acquisition to print-out & data record in 3 sec.
Easy ECG file data conversion
  • Easy file conversion to PDF, XML, JPG, BMP, MFER, DICOM that transfers with easy user interface.
Enhanced sampling rate for data accuracy
  • With 8,000Hz per second sampling rate, it is designed to improve clinical decision for cardiology with accurate ECG interpretation algorithm and full storage of 200 ECG data per 5 minutes.
Advanced algorithm & analysis
  • With long term recordings of 3,5,10 min, it features various analysis algorithms of ECG diagnosis.
BMS Plus Patient data management in mind
  • All patient data is transferable to BMS Plus and PC based data management SW with real time remote operation.
BMS plus offers caregivers the workflow flexibility for
  • Data preview
  • Device remote control
  • File conversion to PDF, XML, JPG, BMP, MFER, DICOM for data transfer through PACS.
  • Direct print-out, magnifying and comparing ECG trace, measuring ECG complex, adding comments

We can find the device in the following sections:

Emergency Dept.
Surgical Theatre 

Product SpecificationsValue
ECG Leads Simultaneous 12 Leads Resting ECG
Recording Channel 3CH+1RHY, 3CH+3RHY, 6CH+1RHY, 12CH, 6CH+ST map
1CH Long Time(1min, 3min, 5min,10min) and
Special Beat Report (Text, Guide, Vector, ST map)
Gain 2.5, 5, 10, 20, Auto (I~aVF: 10, V1~V6: 5) mm/mV
Printing Speed 5, 12.5, 25, 50, 100 mm/sec
Sampling Rate Analysis Sampling Rate - 500
Digital Sampling Rate - 8,000
Filters AC (50/60 Hz, -20dB or better),
Muscle (25~35Hz, -3dB or better),
Base line drift (0.05Hz, 0.1Hz, 0.2Hz, -3dB or better),
Low pass filter(off, 40Hz, 100Hz, 150Hz)
Display 800 x 480 pixel resolution, 7” Color TFT wide display
12 channels preview, ID, HR, Gain, Speed, Power status
User Interface Touch screen, Rotary push-knob
Printer Resolution Thermal print head, Roll Paper
Report paper
• width : A4/Letter 215mm(8.5”)
• length : A4 297 mm (11.7”)
Letter 279mm(11”)
Resolution: 8dot/mm(0.125mm pitch)
Patient data ID, name, age, gender, height, weight, race, smoke, department, room number, study desc., accession no., referring physician
Basic Measurement Heart rate(30~300bpm, ±3bpm), PR/RR int., QRS dur., QT/QTc int., P-R-T axis, SV1/RV5/R+S amp.
ECG Data Storage Internal Storage for 200 ECGs : Built- in memory
Electrical Internal noise: 20uV(p-p)max
Input impedance: ≥ 50MΩ
Input voltage range: ±5mV
CMRR: > 105dB
DC offset voltage: ≥ ±400mV
Patient leakage current: < 10uA
Frequency response: 0.05 ~ 150 with in –3dB
Isolated , defibrillation and ESU protected
Signal Quality Control Pacemaker pulse detection
Lead fault detection , Signal Saturation Detection
Line Power Input: 100-240Vac, 1.5-0.75A, 50-60Hz,
Output: 15Vdc, 4.2A
Battery type Replaceable and Rechargeable, Lithium ion, 10.8V, 3250mA
Battery Capacity 6 hours of normal use or print 200 ECG pages(12 channel format at 25mm/s and 10mm/mV)
Battery recharge to full capacity in 3hours.
Communication LAN, WIFI(option), USB flash driver, USB barcode scanner
Safety Conformity Class I, Type CF defibrillation-proof applied part.
Environmental Operation Ambient Temperature: 10~40℃
Relative Humidity: 30~85%RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 70~106KPa
Environmental Storge/Ship Ambient Temperature: -20~60℃
Relative Humidity: 10~95%RH
Atmospheric Pressure: 50~106KPa
Dimensions 300(W) x 290(H) x 89.5(D) mm , Approx. 3.5 kg
Standard Accessory Patient cable(1 EA), Limbs electrodes(1 SET),
Chest electrodes(1 SET), ECG chart paper(1 EA),
Power cord (1 EA),
Operation manual & ECG diagnosis guide (1EA)
Options Rechargeable battery(1 EA),
Cart(1 EA), Hanger(1 EA)

About Product

Captures , stores, analyzes, and transmits

  • User-friendly interface & diagnosis
  • Network & Data management
  • Spirometry connection (optional)
Always supplied with the product

Included accessories

Optional supplied with the product

Optional Accessories

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